SST Product Evaluation & On-Site Spares Program

SST Product Evaluation & On-Site Spares Program

Service above and beyond the competition is the standard at Sole Source Technology.

Evaluation Products

SST offers no-obligation evaluation units* to our customers who are interested in testing and qualifying SST networking, storage, and memory products. In addition, our technical team can help answer any technical questions related to the product that you decide to test.

 Over 90% of customers who test and evaluate SST products choose to purchase them and often place additional orders for more equipment.

 Benefits of the SST Evaluation Program:

  • Test and qualify an SST product for your specific application and environment.
  • Validate product meets your reliability and performance needs.
  • Get free help and support from the SST team as you test the product!

Why do we offer evaluation products?

Simply put; hands-on testing proves the value of SST equipment. Eval units enable IT Managers and administrators see SST products in action and validate their performance and reliability first-hand.

*Evaluation products are offered as no cost to the end-user or channel partner. Qualification for sending an evaluation is determined by SST Management.

 On-Site Spares

We also offer free on-site spare transceivers to our customers who are working large scale projects and need the ability to quickly troubleshoot or replace transceivers on the fly, with no down time.

 On-site spares provide crucial redundancy and offer peace of mind during deployment of mission critical hardware.

 Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

When waiting for traditional parts delivery is not an option, your SST On-Site Spares are always on hand, under your control, and in your own secure location.  Ask your sales rep for more information about the SST Evaluation Program!

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